R&R : A virtuous circle.

R&R is the combination of two of the best mechanisms in crypto :
rewards and rebase. We did not choose them at random :
they co-exist in symbiosis and support each other to allow InfinitX
to have a coherence and a trajectory that benefits our whole community.


Total XRP distributed to holders:

The future of InfinitX : gaming ecosystem and paYment terminal.

As we said before, the fact that InfinitX is willing to become a saving fund is already a project by itself, because it will give higher interests than an usual bank, certainly with a little more risk, but also without any third party. But this is not the only thing that is part of our ambitions, we also intend to go much further.

High level marketing plan, to infinity.

We have released a roadmap on our website that explains our marketing plans, but we would like to go over a few important points here. Many projects fail to attract investors because they don’t take marketing seriously enough, or they don’t understand what specifics there are to promoting a cryptocurrency.


Buy 12% | Sell 16%

0 %
buy 4% | sell 4%
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XRP Rewards for our holders
buy 5% | sell 7%
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buy 1% | sell 1%
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Liquidity for better stability
buy 2% | sell 4%


• Website V1

• Creation of an explanation video

• Launch on Pancakeswap

• CG and CMC listing

• First audit

• Influencers Push

• Shill Contests and Meme contests

• SCO (Search Channel Optimisation)

• A lot of XRP rewards for everyone


• Ads campaign (bogged, poocoin, etc.)

• AMAs with huge Telegram groups

• Partnerships with huge youtubers

• Longterm contracts with bigger influencers (global push)

• Financial press articles

• Referral marketing program

• Affiliate marketing

• Audit Certik

• InfinitX Dashboard to track rewards

• NFT rewards for our holders

• Creation of a videogame linked

to a XRP lottery


• Celibrities global push

• DEX and CEX listings

• Physical and dematerialised merchandising

• Lauching of InfinitX Gaming P2E Platform

• Global marketing campaign (billboards, television spots, Superbowl ads, etc.)

• InfinitX e-commerce payment terminal

• InfinitX becomes the #1 crypto investment fund

• InfinitX is the largest XRP support community

• Partnership with Ripple

InfinitX ($INX) is a R&R token (Rewards & Rebase) with a guaranteed price floor and XRP distributed as dividends directly into our holders wallets. Our project is to create a totally new gaming ecosystem linked to cryptocurrencies and to establish $INX for e-commerce transactions.

It means that InfinitX total supply, including the amount of tokens in everyone’s wallet, is decreasing over time, after each actions called rebase.

A rebase, in the case of InfinitX, is the act of reducing the total supply to guarantee a continous upper price for our token. The chart will always be in an upward tendency.

Because of the rebase mechanism described in the above section. Let’s take an example to illustrate.

Say you had 2 $INX tokens at $1 each and there are 100 $INX tokens in existence, then market cap is $100 and you own 2% of the total supply. After rebase, there are 50 $INX tokens and you own 1, but price is $2. You still own $2 worth of $INX tokens, you still own 2% of the total supply. If marketcap rises to $200 you have 2x your investment.

Your tokens will never reach zero due to how the rebasing is designed.

All you have to do is look at the marketcap when you buy. If the marketcap is going up, the value of your bag will go up. If the marketcap is going down, the value of your bag will do down. It’s as simple as that.

If you didnt look at the marketcap when you invested, you can calculate the initial marketcap of your purchase. If you bought 10$ of $INX tokens, and you’ve got now 20$ of it at 1M MC, it means that your initial marketcap was /2 lower than the actual one. Your initial MC was 500k.

The XRP rewards are distributed automatically into our holders wallets, depending on the current volume of our token. You dont need to claim anything, everything is handled by our smartcontract. Make sure to add XRP contract into your wallet to be able to see your rewards.

How to buy INX with CB
1. Click on the button « buy INX with card ».
2. Click on « buy BNB with CB » at the top left.
3. Buy the amount of BNB you need.
4. Swap your BNB to INX.